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Tran Kuyet Chien and his teammates win the World 3-Lane Billiard Championship

The 2022 World 3-Lane Billiards Championships will be held from November 9-13 in Korea and Vietnam, with Tran Quyet Chien, Nguyen Duc Anh Chien, Nguyen Tran Thanh Thu and Chiem Hong Thai all taking part.

This is considered to be the most prestigious 3-lane carambola tournament in the world . Compared to World Cup tournaments with 6 rounds a year, the World Cup is played only once a year with the world’s strongest players. Of course, among them there are no stars, like famous Japanese billiard player Masako Katsura. But there are enough modern champions, such as world number 1 Dick Jasper (the Netherlands), Daniel Sanchez (Spain, 2nd in the world), Marco Zanetti (Italy, 3rd in the world) or Tran Cuyet Chien (6th in the world).

Tran Quet Chien

This year’s tournament features 48 players divided into 16 tables. Each group selects the top two players who advance to the next round. Tran Kouyet Chien will find himself in Group D with two little-known opponents Ruben Legaspi (Spain, 34th) and Fadi Abousaleh (Lebanon, 53rd). This is considered a group in which the number one player in Vietnam is not too difficult to find a ticket to the second round.


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